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Create Site

Vito makes website deployments painless and easy.

To create a site you need to fill the mandatory fields.

Site Type

Vito is built to deploy PHP applications. Currently it supports any PHP applications.

But it has a separate site type for Laravel to support more features of it in the future.

Site Types are:

  • PHP (Any other PHP applications)
  • Blank PHP
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • PHPMyAdmin


The domain that you want to deploy your website to


This is an optional field which you can load the website under another domain/subdomain but mainly it is there to also support www subdomain of your website.

PHP Version

You can select any PHP version that you've installed in the server.

Web Directory

This is the public directory of your website, Better to say that it is the root directory that the webserver (Nginx) points to.

Source Control

Here you specify which source control connection you want to use. To connect to the source controls you can click on the Connect button.

Read about them more Here


Enter the repository of your project. For example if it is on Github it will be something like this: organization/repository


The default branch is main but if it is different, Then you need to specify here.

Composer Install

If you want to run composer install after cloning the repository click the checkbox.

If you check this, It will run the following command on the installation process after cloning the repository.

composer install --no-interaction --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader --no-dev

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