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Storage Providers

You can view and manage/create your storage providers' profiles here.

Supported Drivers:

  • Dropbox
  • Local (Available on version 1.5.0 or higher)
  • FTP(s) (Beta)


To connect to Dropbox you need to create an app on your Dropbox developer generate a token for that and use that token to connect your VitoDeploy instance to Dropbox.


Using Dropbox requires the following permissions on your Dropbox API Key:

  • files.metadata.write
  • files.content.write


Local storage means that the server itself will be used as the storage. For example if you have a server managed by Vito and want to backup the databases, The backup files will be stored in the same server that the database exists.


To use this driver, You need to provide a path and the vito user must have write access to that path


To connect to FTP(s) you need to have a separate FTP(s) server with its connection info like HOST, PORT, USERNAME, and PASSWORD

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