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Server Monitoring

VitoDeploy enables you to monitor your servers' resource usages like CPU Load, Memory, and Disk usage.

We offer you 2 ways so you can monitor your servers.

  • Remote Monitor (No agent required)
  • Vito Agent (Via an agent installed on your server)

Remote Monitor

If you chose to use the Remote Monitor, Vito will check your servers every minute to extract their resource usages.

Install Remote Monitor

To install Remote Monitor you just need to go to the Services and hit the Install button on the Remote Monitor service under the Supported Services section.

After the installation was successful, You can navigate to the Metrics page and view the statistics.

Keep in mind that it will take a couple of minutes to collect enough data to visualize them.

Vito Agent

To enable Vito to monitor your servers you need to install the VitoAgent service first on your server.

VitoAgent is a program written in Golang that collects the resource usages and sends them to your Vito instance.


Since VitoAgent sends these information through internet, It won't be possible to use monitoring if you are using Vito on your local computer!

Install Vito Agent

To install VitoAgent simply navigate to the Services and click on the Install button for VitoAgent service.

You can uninstall VitoAgent anytime through the Services page.


After you installed VitoAgent, The Metrics item will be visible on the sidebar and you can navigate there and wait for the data coming from your server.


VitoAgent sends information to Vito instance once per minute.

Data Retention

In the Metrics page you can modify the data retention time so Vito will delete older data to keep your Vito's database faster.

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