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Vito enables you to handle your different projects.

Every user in Vito can have multiple projects and the servers belong to projects. The relationship between servers and projects is one-to-many

Creating a Project

To create a project you just need a unique name! Go to the Projects page and create a new one. It will appear in the left sidebar, Under Projects dropdown.

Editing a Project

You can simply edit your projects name in the Projects page.

Deleting a Project

Deleting a project is as easy as hitting the delete button and confirming that you want to delete it.


If you delete a project it will delete all of it's servers! If you are using a cloud provider to create the servers, By deleting the project, It will also delete it from the provider.

Switching Projects

In the left sidebar you can see the current Project which is already selected in the dropdown. To change it to another project just open it and select the project you want to switch to. Then Vito will change your current project and will load the selected project's servers.

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